seattle sewer inspections

Sewer inspections

Northwest Sewer Repair can help you insure the health of your sewer pipeline by locating the problem and providing a diagnosis. Seattle residents, click here to see your home's side sewer cards and maps

New customers click here to receive $25 off first time sewer inspections.

Advantages of Sewer Inspection

  • Insure your new home: identify the health of your sewer
  • Find out first: save money on expensive sewer repair jobs
  • Pinpoint the problem: minimize yard intrusion
  • Save time, money & excavation
  • Call (206) 430-3381 to schedule an appointment

New Homeowner Insurance

Northwest Sewer Repair can help uncover potential problems in a home that will enable homeowners to make an informed decision at the time of sale.

Avoid common problems in your new home, such as tree root penetration, a break in the line, or an offset pipe.

Request a sewer line inspection during your home buying process.


Receive a Video of Your Sewer

By feeding a camera through your sewer line, we can get a look at its condition and if there's a problem, precisely determine its location.

We use a high resolution camera that's attached to a flexible rod which transmits images from below to a monitor above.

You'll receive a DVD copy of your inspection.